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You get comprehensive price protection. DoItYourSelfSTOREBuilder protects you from both rising prices and descending prices. It doesn’t make a difference which way the pricing goes. You are protected. Here’s how it works:
Price Increase Protection One Year Price Increase Protection from the time of the price increase. This means if a price increase happens 5 years from now, you will have price protection for a year from that price increase, not a year from your sign up date. This gives you the ultimate in protection. (FYI--We have never had a price increase so far.)
Price Decrease Protection Lifetime Downwards Price Savings Protection. As technology improves, prices usually fall.  If prices are ever reduced on the DoItYourselfSTOREBuilder, you will receive the full benefit of the price reduction immediately.
Signing up for a service is a scary process.  That's why we offer a 10-Day Free Trial and an additional 30-Day Money Back Guarantee.

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